Duty Ref

Duty Ref 528 - Old Mountain Goat

The top referees have been scattering to all parts at present and so the Old Mountain Goat will lift his head from his grazing and answer three questions - two which are matters of fact and a third, from thoughtful Bob Rees, which is the most frequently asked question.

Duty Ref 527 - Jaco Peyper

This answer to a reader's question comes to us from Edinburgh where Jaco Peyper is to be an assistant referee in the Six Nations opener between Scotland and Ireland.

Duty Ref 526 - Marius van der Westhuizen

We have managed to get hold of Marius, back from his wanderings and before he wanders again for he is much in demand amongst the top referees of the world, to get him to answer referees´ questions.

Duty Ref 525 - Stuart Berry

Stuart Berry has not been refereeing lately as rugby is almost completely stopped for South Africans - some wish it had been fully completely stopped!

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