Clip 1 - 14 June 2017 - Law 21

Where's the mark?

The referee penalises Ruan Ackermann of the Lions for playing the Stormers' scrumhalf Jano Vermaak who was standing behind the place of a post-tackle conflict. The referee allows the Stormers the chance to play on advantage. When he decides that none has accrued, he blows his whistle for the [penalty. Vermaak has the ball, taps and darts over the line in the hope of scoring a try, but the referee blows his whistle and runs some 10 metres across to give the mark for the penalty.

Some people are angry.

Where would the mark be that Vermaak should have taken his tap kick?

Law 21.1 Where penalty and free kicks are awarded
Unless a Law states otherwise, the mark for a penalty or free kick is at the place of infringement.

Referees are not so pedantic that they believe that an infringement happens on a heel mark.

In this case the place of infringement was where Ackermann grabbed Vermaak, which was about 10 metres along the Lions' five-metre line from where Vermaak tapped the ball. And in tapping the ball there he was able to take the Lions by surprise and get over the line.

Law 21.2 Where penalty and free kicks are taken
(a) The kicker must take the penalty or free kick at the mark or anywhere behind it on a line through the mark.

Is there any sanction against Vermaak for taking the tap from, the wrong place? A scrum for example?


Law 21.2 (c) If a quickly taken penalty kick or free kick is taken from the wrong place the referee will order the kick to be taken again.

The referee acted correctly. advert