Clip 1 - 2 March 2017 - Law 10

The penalty was reversed and so was the booing!

Yoann Maestri of France is tackled. The ball comes back to French scrumhalf Baptiste Serin who passes to his flyhalf Camille Lopez. Loann Goujon, the French Flanker, runs across in front of Lopez and into Josh Strauss who is in a position to tackle Lopez.

The referee immediately bows his whistle to penalise Goujon for construction. Lopez stops moving. He still has the ball and drops it. Ali Price (21), the substitute Scottish scrumhalf who is on for injured Greig Laidlaw, darts forward and pushes Lopez on his chest so that Lopez falls on his back. Lopez leaps to his feet and pushes Price in the back. A lot of pushing breaks out between the two sides as if Murrayfield had become a nursery school playground. Fullback Stuart Hogg is especially active, twice gesturing to tell France's captain, Guilhem Guirado, who is a fairly volatile player, to push off.

Eventually the pushing stops and the referee consults his assistant. It is a brief consultation without reference to the TMO. The referee and his assistant agree that Price was wrong to take the law into his own hands and that the penalty would be reversed. What had been a penalty against France for obstruction would now become a penalty against Scotland.

The referee calls the captains over - Guirado of France and John Barclay, acting in the place of Laidlaw, and explains his decision.

It is all remarkably concise and efficient.

The referee then blows his whistle to indicate a penalty against France for obstruction.
He then turns round and blows his whistle to indicate a penalty against Scotland for playing a man without the ball.

Lopez kicks for goal but the ball hits an upright and stays out.

The process the referee went through in awarding and reversing the penalty was a correct one but it had an interesting reaction from the crow. When he showed the penalty against France they were noisily annoyed but when he turned round to penalise Scotland they were noisily approving. advert