Clip 5 - 23 February 2017 - Law 10

Penalty try.

Listen to the commentator. He has it right - and now it seems that people no longer see the penalty try as the results of an accumulation of infringements, but as a single, stand-alone infringement which prevented the probable scoring of a try.

From a penalty, Carlo Canna kicks the ball out for a five-metre line-out to Italy. Leonardo Ghiraldini throws in and Sergio Parisse catches the ball. The Italian forwards pack around Parisse and eventually Ghiraldini, at the back of the maul, gets the ball about six metres from the Irish goal-line. The Italian forwards maul forward and Ghiraldini is about a metre from the goal-line when the maul collapses.

The referee, convinced that Ireland had deliberately and therefore illegally, collapsed the maul goes off to award a penalty try. He also singles out Donnacha Ryan as the player guilty of causing the collapse and sends him off to the sin for 10 minutes.

What the referee does seems perfectly correct.

Having travelled five metres forward, it seems highly probable that Italy would have mauled on the last little metre for the try.
Italy are well off the ground and it seems that the only way the maul would collapse was if the Irish infringed.
At a penalty try the referee is obliged to sin-bin a guilty player if an individual can be identified.

Law 10.2 (a) A penalty try must be awarded if the offence prevents a try that would probably otherwise have been scored. A player who prevents a try being scored through foul play must either be cautioned and temporarily suspended or sent off. advert