Clip 1 - 20 February 2016 - Law 8

Advantage being played.

About three metres inside his half, Dan Biggar of Wales kicks a diagonal to his right. Just inside the touchline, challenged by Luke McLean, big George North goes to catch the ball. He knocks on just inside the Italian half, and the Italian left wing Giovanbattista Venditti gets back and picks up the ball. He is tackled and driven back by Alun Wyn Jones. Play is now 12 or so metres nearer the Italian goal-line from where North knocked on. The referee acknowledges that he is playing advantage though Italy are under pressure. Edoardo Gori, the Italian scrumhalf, passes back to his flyhalf Carlo Canna who is well inside his 22 and has pressure on his right from Rhys Webb of Wales who darts forward. Canna takes evasive action and kicks, left-footed, down into the Welsh half.

The referee stops play, raises his hand to indicate time-off so that North can have an injury attended to, and then orders a scrum to Italy for North's knock-on.

(b) Advantage can be either territorial or tactical.
(c) Territorial advantage means a gain in ground.
(d) Tactical advantage means freedom for the non-offending team to play the ball as they wish.

Italy did not get territorial advantage, for Canna's kick landed in Welsh hands only about six metres beyond where North knocked on and Wales had lots of space to counterattack.

Venditti did not have freedom to play as he wished, nor did Canna. Italy were, as the referee said, under pressure all the time.

This was certainly a correct application of the advantage law. advert