Test Yourself

1. A player in possession of the ball comes into contact with the referee in his opponent’s in-goal area, and neither team gains an advantage. What is the correct decision?

2. In which of the following circumstances can the referee change a decision?

3. At a conversion kick, a defender legally charges the kick. The ball bounces off the defenders arm and goes over the crossbar. What is the correct decision for the assistant referee’s/touch judges?

4. At a conversion kick, if the ball falls over before the kicker begins the approach to kick, which of the following apply?

5. If, before the match, the referee has told a player that an item of clothing is illegal and then discovers that the player is wearing it on the pitch, what action should the referee take?

6. What does tactical advantage mean?

7. A player in the in-goal catches the ball from an opponent’s kick and touches it down. That player is then late tackled. What actions are available to the referee?

8. Red 10 kicks the ball, which is charged down by Black 9. Red 11 who was in front of Red 10 when the ball was kick then plays the ball and scores a try. What action should the referee take?

9. A player, about to receive the ball, sees an opponent approaching him. He catches the ball and then deliberately knocks the ball forward, runs round the opponent and catches the ball before it hits the ground. What action should the referee take?

10. From a kick-off, the ball travels into in-goal without touching another player. A defending player picks up the ball and passes it to a teammate in in-goal who is then tackled and touches the ball down. What is the correct decision?

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